Jimmy Kachulis

Can you share the chord or figured bass notation of the other archetypes after the descending bass line of Op 79,109, an Chopin Gb please?

David Co

This is great, Thanks! Can anyone tell me the name of the piece at 3:39?

Bryan Poulsen

Ahh, the classic stare off into the distance while interrupting yourself and never finishing a thought. Very informative!

Roger [kirbydudelol] Waters

Thats cool and all but i wish he really described more in depth what he was playing. What are the two dom chords played together? A dom seventh and a whole tone then third above it ok above what the root or the seventh or what? I love these sounds n they elude me so

Marco Barroso

In relation to Stravinsky russian studies, can you tell us what author/s are you refering to? Thank you.

David Champion

Where can we see this “study”? Does anyone know? 🙂

M. Ahsan

Incredibly informative! Thank you for this enlightening video 🙂

2Kissing Cones

This composition feels like the very sound of torment and pain on evils ground.

Robert Gift

Wonderful energy! Dislike the pedal notes all detached. Sad to rush through the dramatic descending pedale part at 2:30.Wonderful fugue! Nice to begin without the reeds. Dislike the slight pauses for emphasis. Do not disrupt the momentum of the fugue. It’s not a fantasy.


Anthony Newman, Organ Organ by Steven Russell Benjamin Niemczyk, Video Director Publisher: TD Ellis Press St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Bedford, NY

Colby Leider

Thank you for documenting this amazing performance and interpretation!

Robert Gift

Waiting to see Anthony play bare footed. I should try it! No 32' reed belongs in any Bach organ work. Nice camera work!


Toccata and Fugue in D
Anthony Newman, Organ
Benjamin Niemczyk, Video Director
Publisher: TD Ellis Press
Scarsdale Congregational Church
Scarsdale, NY
Sandro Russo, Music Director

Lari Kipe

Well, Anthony, dahling, I really think this is quite entertaining. It’s a little different than all the other recordings on lubetube, so there’s that. I like the ornamentation – kinda edgy, and I always like “edgy”. And I kinda like the 32′ reed waddling away on this organ; depending on the organ, I like to use the 32 lots, as well, although I might have let the 32′ reed sit out for a few pages during the toccata. This sounds a little like a collaboration between Virgil Fox, Carlo Curly, and Ton Koopman. And I LOVE all three of those organists. Just a hoot and a half. Thumbs UP!


J.S. BACH, THE GOLDBERG VARIATIONS, BWV 988, ANTHONY NEWMAN, PIANO YAMAHA PIANO, 7' 4" BENJAMIN NIEMCZYK, VIDEO Anthony Newman on the Web: On Facebook: On SoundCloud: On CDBaby: Free newsletter:

Daulton Loves To Game

newman is the best

Robert Gift

Fun! Why play the low pedal notes so short that pipes don't even have time to speak? Fatiguing to the ear when there is no relief of going to the other manual. Unfortunate that the organ is not in an acoustically live location.


Fascinating – by turns searching, stormy, meditative, surging, ecstatic. Part Bach, part Stravinsky, part Prokofiev(?) – all Newman, and played as only Anthony Newman can play! Astonishing, as always.

Christian Hernandez

Absolutely brilliant! Best recording out there.

Andrew Wilder

Manual changes rather extreme. He began so well!

Tom Burch

Anthony. Thank you for sharing your gift. You have brought me so much pleasure with your performances. I always thought Bach had a wonderful sense of humor. Within all the beauty, drama, joyfulness and sadness of his compositions there always seemed to be a smile.

Joe Marasco



Thank you, Anthony, for being an inspiration almost a decade before I met you, and then as a student, at Purchase. You were hilarious, specific, and intensely human. : )


Absolutamente fantastico. Una obra trascendente que impacta los sentidos y conecta las emociones mas profundas. Esta interpretacion queda en mi Top 10 de esta obra.

addi wei

Awesome! No goofy dancing lights.. just Newman's furious passion.


Thank you Mr. Newman for this! When I was a teen, I came across a tape of Newman organ pieces, played it constantly, and fell in love with the pipe organ. In my 50’s, I still hear those pieces in my head as I lost the tape long ago. These posts are soooo appreciated by me!

Bee Chillin

Can't get enough. I'm going to quit my job, stay home and listen to Anthony Newman all day.

Leafy Vegan


Anthony Newman

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Psalm 27

Overture 0:00
1. The Lord Is My Light 0:45
2. Though An Army
3. One Thing I Ask
4. To Behold
10:32 4a. Interlude 14:10
5. Even Now
6. Hearken To My Voice
7. You Have Been My Helper
23:50 7a. And Though War Should Rise Against Me 27:00
8. Wait For The Lord
28:12 Wed, May 03, 2017

Anthony Newman

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BACH, J.S. Fugue in G major, BWV 577 Anthony Newman, Organ Organ by Steven Russel St Matthews Church Bedford, NY

Matteo Pifferi

Perfect esecution !!!

Steven Schrier

Your performance is an inspiration to observe and hear, it brings Bach to life, at least IMHO 🙂 Greatly appreciate your “flying tempo” as well. After some scholastic research during a visit to Leipzig several years ago I’ve come to believe your style really is closer to how J.S. Bach more than likely performed and you’ve been prescient in illustrating this for many years. There’s no reason to believe J.S. Bach was constrained in his keyboard technique and probably his only organ performance limitations were finding enough energetic bellows pumpers and registration assistants. The BWV-540 Toccata in F with it’s long sustained pedal note, where else in the 1700s could folks hear music, or any continuous sound at all of such duration? Fascinating on so many levels today in our digital age. Thank you again for sharing this on YouTube. All the best.

i’ve loved your work for a very long time. i bought the first album simply because you looked so nice on the album cover and you had queen anne’s lace on your table … i wore that album and others out playing them so much. still my favorites.



Hi Dr. Newman, I greatly enjoyed your interpretation of BWV-548 and being able to observe your keyboard technique. Many years (decades) ago I had a vinyl collection of your first recordings, eg., “Lutheran Organ Mass”, etc. but unfortunately have never had an occasion to be near a venue to attend your live recitals. Especially appreciated the ultra high definition playback here on YouTube. As a suggestion, with the ultra high definition video, could your director consider making a Bach performance recording using a split screen to allow observing the keyboards & pedal board simultaneously? The traditional montage of closeups of the stops was good but, at least for me, I found the keyboard scenes more interesting.


He burns the fewest calories per note of any performer on Earth. Polar opposite to Glen Gould!



finally a worthy performance!


Anthony Newman DA MAN.


More spicy Bach. I just love this guy’s style and listen to anything by him I can find.


That harpsichord has a great sound.


I wish I could find a vinyl of the WTII and transfer it to CD. Although Robert Levin has also interpreted the work using a mixture of instruments–harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano, and chamber organ–Anthony Newman’s recording was extraordinary.


One of the greatest harpsichordists…EVER!


BWV 856, 857
F Major Prelude
F Major Fugue
F Minor Prelude
F Minor Fugue
Benjamin Niemczyk, Video Director HARPSICHORD by PHILLIP TYRE